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went on cnn's piers morgan to discuss gun control in the wake of the sandy hook massacre -- >> you're a hatchet man of the new world order. >> reporter: he created a sensation. this video went massively viral. >> you think you're a tough guy? have me back with a boxing ring in here. >> reporter: who is alex jones? >> we've got abc nightly news/"nightline" here. >> reporter: jones agreed to let us into his world for a day. >> we're just soldiers looking to cross each other on the picket line here. america has been captured. america has been robbed. we are now being looted like a third world nation. well, i'm not going to sit down and shut up. >> reporter: jones is arguably the nation's premier purveyor of what they call paranoia porn. >> i'm live in 30 seconds. >> reporter: out of his studios near austin, texas, his radio show and webcast reach an estimated one million people a day. >> this federal intrusion is out of control. >> reporter: and on youtube and elsewhere, jones estimates 200 million people have seen his various documentaries. >> you're not our gods or our masters! >> r
't think any of those things work. >> a confident n.r.a. president said on cnn they will win. >> do you think you have enough support on capitol hill to keep an assault weapons ban from passing? >> right now we do. >> after sandy hook elementary school, polls showed a majority of americans favored stricter gun control. that may not translate into action on capitol hill. nearly 300 members of congress have an a rating from the n.r.a. for opposition to all gun control measures. with just the threat of stricter laws looming, many americans are rushing to stock up on weapons and ammunition. as the gun control debate heats up in statehouses and in washington, the still grieving parents are debating what does do with sandy hook elementary school. >> knocking down the school is knocking down the memories of the children. >> knock it down and make it sacred ground. >> the white house has signaled if the congress does not act the president will through executive ode enraging gun rights advocates. >> developing news: the first president george bush is out of the houston hospital where he has bee
interrogation helped lead to bin laden. john mccain went on cnn. >> you believe when watching this movie that waterboarding and torture leads to information that leads, then, to the elimination of osama bin laden. that's not the case. >> reporter: in december, a group of powerful senators including the chair of the intelligence committee, dianne feinstein wrote the cia requesting documents asking for related information to the cia's cooperation with the movie director. >> i took notes and you compile the research and dramatize it. >> reporter: they told me the same last fall before the film's release and before the senate probe. >> you decided certainly to start in the early years with torture. was that important for you to put in there? >> i think for both of us is to be accurate and it's not an easy subject but it's part of this ten-year long hunt. >> reporter: no movie has been the subject of such congressional scrutiny since the '40s. >> we're standing in the shadow of capitol hill right now. and you have dianne feinstein launching this investigation first to see how you got your inf
and 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis. on the phone with cnn, she was giddy as a schoolgirl. >> you know what a big deal that is? >> do i ever! >> reporter: she is a schoolgirl, in her first role, now up for best actress. david wright, abc news, hollywood. >> and how cool are they in hollywood? so cool, steven spielberg, helen hunt and jennifer lawrence all said they slept through the big announcement. only bradley cooper admitted he woke up early to watch with his mom and his dog. and we'll be watching here on abc, on february 24th. thank you for being with us tonight. we're always working for you at "nightline" later. and i'll see you again tomorrow. >>> a cold weather snap leaves snow on the bay area's highest peaks and what more to expect. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. as i look from the east bay hills, temperatures will fall and how frosty cold it will get by morning. >> a man leads police to the body of his mother and confesses to her murder. family of another victim wonders why he was need from prison. >> what happened to the gator that was guarding an east bay pot g
>> welcome back on friday morning. new developments in the hostage situation in algeria. cnn reports that the united states air force is evacuating hostages from the b.p. gas complex in algeria where a battle has been going on for two days. algerian officials say special forces killed 18 of the islamic militant kidnappers. six people from the plant have been killed and five americans have reportedly escaped. we got word this morning from the associated press algerian state news says 60 foreign hostages are unaccounted for and negotiations have resumed. >> new worries. the battery maker behind boeing 787 dreamliner supplies batteries to nasa. >> a new reason to be less worried of those airport scanners. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, the body scanners at the aiport are going away that are too revealing after a $5 million contract with a company that makes them after it could not write software to make the images less revealing. the privacy information called the machines add was as a bad strip. the t.s.a. said they will use sarah palins from another supp
volkswagon and audi released their videos. according to cnn companies are spending four million for a 30 second spot. that is half million more than last year. >> a new court ruling means that complaining about the boss on facebook could cost your job. >> good morning. think about a tax return. i.r.s. efforts to fight identity theft and false returns may slow things down by a week. the i.r.s. begins to accept 2012 returns tomorrow. if you have a college degree you may be overqualified for your job. a new center study said 48 percent of the college grads are in jobs they are more than qualified for. there are 42 million college grads on the work force . be careful what you say about the boss on facebook. you may be at risk of getting fired. the national labor relation board had ruled that employees were free to. but those regulations are in question because that was appointed when the senate was not in recess. >> it is now 5:24 can time for a check on the weather forecast and leaves me speechless. >> it should. it is going to be that warm. what is more? mike? >> temperatures are around av
is at its peak. and that's bad news for me, because i have a daily segment on cnn called "on the case with sunny hostin." there it is. >> you look good to me. >> and it's at 3:30 every day. i do look a little tired. not as tired as i look on this show. >> sunny has 14 jobs, and that is one of them. i think you look good for that time of day. >> thank you. >>> also, another little story here. this is for all of you that have been blowing snot rockets. there's a new ice cream infused with bourbon that may help you get over the flu. bourbon-infused ice cream. it's called -- now offering jenny's ice cream offering influenza sorbet. it contains maker's mark whisky, cayenne pepper, ginger, honey and fruit juices, all things said to help with flu symptoms. it won't protect you like the shot, which we all should get. so if you're suffering, that may help you out. >>> this lady may have had a lot of ice cream. talk about bootyliscious. she's 420 pounds. apparently she has the widest hips in the world. they measure a staggering eight feet in circumference. she's very pleased with her figure. he
on cia detainees were successful in leading to bin laden's hideout. john mccain told cnn, the film's portrayal is misleading. >> you believe when you watch this movie that waterboarding and torture leads to information that leads them to elimination of osama bin laden. that's not the case. >> reporter: before this latest controversy, i asked the film's director about the scenes depicting waterboarding. >> i felt it was important to be accurate and be authentic. you know, granted, you know, it's not an easy subject. but it's also pretty irrefutable that that was part of this ten-year-long hunt. >> reporter: documents already released through freedom of information requests, show cooperation with the filmmakers by the cia and pentagon. now, investigators are looking at records of those interactions to determine whether the filmmakers had any inappropriate access to sensitive information. >> i never asked for classified material. to my knowledge, i never received any. >> reporter: in a december statement to cia personnel, acting director michael morell, called the film a dramatization
and the youngest nominees ever. 86-year-old emanuel riva and 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis. on the phone with cnn, she was giddy as a schoolgirl. >> do you know what a big deal that is? >> do i ever. >> reporter: she is a schoolgirl, and her first role now up for best actress. david wright, abc news, hollywood. >> girlfriend just saw that movie and loved it. >> i saw it. >> i've heard great things. that actress you just heard, quvenzhane wallis, she's already a winner. she accepted the best actress award on stage at the 18th annual critics choice awards just last night. >> i'm surprised that ben affleck was not nominated in "argo." he acted and directed it and it was a terrific movie. >> and also the director for -- >> "zero dark thirty." but some people saying the controversy politically may have hurt the chances. who knows? always snubs and surprises. we'll be back. we'll be b >>> this morning on "world news now," wild blast. arctic air is sending snow across southern california and making a mess all the way to the middle of the country. >> it's all part of a powerful system unleashing mudslide
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9